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Riveraa Computers

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Riveraa Computers

Company Profile

RIVERAA offers a wide range of computer/IT products and solutions. Our customers range from home based users to large organizations, we can handle all your office, networking and entertainment needs. Our solutions are made simplify your busy lifestyle.
RIVERAA branded systems (Presto, Officio & Basica) will deliver the optimum performance and experience you always desired.

RIVERAA was instated in August, 1988 to promote Computer and IT related products which would reach in and around Trichy and also its nearby districts.

RIVERAA is pleased to be one of the very few companies to put forward its step in the computer arena in Trichy.  The name ‘RIVERAA’ was launched for its quality assurance and reliability of products with the cost feel among the people. Soon then it was highly welcomed in the neighboring towns and cities to put-forth the marketing.

Within a short span of time, RIVERAA became very widely popular and apparently made tie-ups with different reputed manufacturers.

In order to give total solutions to our esteemed customers, RIVERAA started marketing branded systems from Chennai and eventually started manufacturing our own brand systems.
Consequently, the "RIVERAA" brand was born and the company has been appointing dealers in all major cities and towns across South India


At RIVERAA, years of hands on experience and expertise in technology allows us to convey world-class quality in various computer components and parts and accessories, we integrate them into systems offering excellent quality, reliability, durability and best service to all our clients.

RIVERAA conducts number of rigorous quality test on system to ensure high quality of our products.


Meeting the quality and quantity of our product is always our first preference for which we deal with export and import with highly experienced and reputed suppliers.


To deliver the finest products possible with best customer service in back-up at a very reasonable price tag.


Our service department is composed of highly competent and skilled engineers team who have varied experience in both software and hardware. We always ensure any queries or complaints made by our customers to be solved within 24 hours at all probability.

Apart from the usual warranty period, RIVERAA additionally provides extended customer support in the form of AMC (Annual Maintenance Contracts) and LMC (Labor Maintenance Contracts).


We always ensure the quality, service and satisfaction to be 'the best' for our customers.

We are Specialized in

On site Service Support After sales Service Support Quality Products

Proprietor Profile

  • V. Muthukumaran photo
    • Name:
    •   V. Muthukumaran
    • Gender:
    •   male
    • Age:
    •   52
    • Education:
    •   B.Sc
    • Experience in the field of:
    •   IT
    • Year of Experience:
    •   25


  1. Riveraa Desktops
  2. Riveraa All-in-one
  3. Riveraa Server
  4. Sony Desktop
  5. Sony Laptop
  6. Sony Table PC
  7. Sony Netbooks
  8. Asus Laptop
  9. Toshiba Laptop
  10. Apple Laptop
  11. HP Laptop
  12. DELL Laptops
  13. Lenova Laptop
  14. Canon Laptop
  15. Epson Laptop
  16. Samsung Lapotp
  17. TVSE- Printers
  18. Laser Printer
  19. Dotmatrix Printer
  20. Thermal Printer
  21. Inkjet Printer
  22. UPS
  23. Invertor
  24. Computer Accessories
  25. Projectors
  26. Solar Plants
  27. Scanners
  28. Speakers
  29. Storage Devices
  30. Barcode
  31. Presto Desktop
  32. Officio Desktop
  33. Basica Desktop


  1. Sony
  2. Asus
  3. Toshiba
  4. Apple
  5. Samsung
  6. Presto
  7. Officio
  8. Basica
  9. HP
  10. DELL
  11. Lenova
  12. Canon
  13. Epson


Contact Us

Riveraa Computers

15A, 2nd Floor,
Thillainagar Main Road,
Thillai Nagar, Trichy, 
Tamilnadu,  India - 620018.

For Communication

V. Muthukumaran
Phone No: 0431-4020065, 0431-2766978
Mobile No: 9842944655
Email: info@riveraa.in, riveraa@airtelmail.in
Website: http://riveraa.in

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